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Human Rights Development Fund was established on April 4, 2016. The main goal of the HRDF is to implement programs and projects in the field of human rights, especially focused on the rights of women and children, to support empowerment of women and gender equity in the society.
The mission of the fund is to participate and organize educational, charity, peace and other, legally permitted actions and activities, to closely cooperate with international and local organizations, state structures and private bodies. HRDF implements various activities, like: awareness raising, capacity development, protection, supporting social entrepreneurship and other legally permitted activities in the field of human rights, especially focusing on the rights of women and children.
Board is the decision-making body of the HRDF, which is chaired by the chairperson. The HRDF has an Advisory Council, which supports and contributes to the development of the HRDF and assures the performance in accordance to the main principles of the organization, gives advice to the HRDF board on management, organizational development, strategy and policy development.


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Address: თბილისი, Kandelaki street. 2, entrance 2, floor 2, apt 22, postal code: 0160
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