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The Coalition for Independent Living is a public organization whose mission is to create equal opportunities for any person for revealing the potential, and to ensure maximum involvement of People with Disabilities in the political, economic, social and cultural life of the society. To this effect, the Coalition tries to raise the public awareness and replace their traditional approaches towards disability and People with Disabilities with contemporary approaches which imply: change the attitude of the society, physical environment, legislation and not of a particular person with disabilities. Namely, the Coalition for Independent Living tries to support the NGOs and institutional development the activities of which are focused on services and protection of the equal civil rights and opportunities of People with Disabilities. Based on the international norms and convention, the coalition supports to perfection of the legislation and the state executive system on the national level, also to introduce the free design in the physical environment and popularize the philosophy of independent living. The Coalition for Independent Living recognizes the right of each People with Disabilities to the independent and dignified co-habitation within the society.



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